I have said this about ten thousand million times since my book first came out... I am going to start my next novel now! Or some variation along the lines of I just got a great idea for my next novel, I'm really going to start it this time. Well, I'm not a complete liar. I have STARTED at least ten different novels since A Place Like Heaven first came out four years ago. (Hey! It was 4 years last week. Go me.) Some have gotten fifty pages in. Some have about thirty different beginnings.
Something had to change.
Finally, the other day, something did. I was looking into self-publishing through Amazon.
Now you have to understand, even though I can't bring myself to read A Place Like Heaven, publishing my book was a lifelong dream and I still consider it one of my biggest accomplishments. However, I HATED the publishing process. I spent so much money on self-publishing, but I told myself it was much better than the alternative of sending it in to a million different people only to get rejected over and over again. And, ok, it was better than that.
But it cost too much. They saw a very vulnerable young writer with a very big dream and they took advantage of that. AuthorHouse was not honest on any count, and even after my book came out they were still hounding me for more money.
So that part, I could do without.
And as it turns out, Amazon has a great self-publishing service that is, get this, completely free. I even called them to confirm, because that just blew me away! I got so excited I wanted to write some one-page silly story and send it in right then, just to see it get published for free!
I didn't do that. But it did finally get me started on what will REALLY BE my NEXT NOVEL. Caleb and I are both really excited (he's really counting on me getting rich and famous off this so he can quit working at Maddox.) I have the idea, and thanks to my super supportive husband, the whole outline done.
Now, I just have to get off my blog and get to writing.
For anyone who cares, my goal is to have it done by summer, if not sooner. And it may or may not be a trilogy.
Now comes the hard part.

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