My (lack of) Mommy Style

My cute friend who has a cute and hilarious blog (which she says she started because of me- little old me, can you believe it? Therefore I think of it as my grandblog.) told me about a group of her friends who do a blog post rotation called "Mommy Style Monday." I usually just post my own things, kind of like a diary that I force all my Facebook friends to read. But I thought hey, collaboration is fun, right?
And then came the topic: Girl's Day Out.
And here's the problem: I don't have any sisters.
I have one son, and (thus far) no daughters.
Even our dog is a boy!
I'm sort of surrounded by testosterone at all times. And yes, I have friends who are girls, and my mom and I have what you could call a "girls day out" once in awhile, but for the most part, my life doesn't consist of those things any more. I would be hard-pressed to find a picture of me sporting a cute outfit and lipstick (I hate lipstick. Do you all really like lipstick or are you just pretending?) that I could post and pretend I'm off on a girl's trip! I couldn't even fake that picture today because, thus far, I've been out mowing the lawn, and I'm seriously contemplating not getting ready today. (I use a complicated formula that involves deciding not to go anywhere all day, and weighing it against the risk that someone might come to the door.)
So, I've been thinking about this topic all weekend and wondering what to write.
Here were my options:
Blog Post #1: Sometimes, when my mom isn't too cool to be in Island Park, we go to Logan together so she can pick up cleaners and we grab lunch! Although I know she loves me (she has to, I'm her only daughter) I'm fairly certain in recent times these days are used to see Dayen, not me. Jokes on her when he falls asleep though. HA!
Blog Post #2: I call this one the fake-out. Or the Instagram. Basically I get all dressed up, take a picture, write a post about how awesome my life is, and then sit on the couch and watch TV the rest of the night. Sometimes it's not the act of actually DOING something cool, but just making others think you did something cool, that matters.
Blog Post #3: Some days, I consider the simple act of getting out of the house at ALL a win. Even though Caleb drives a long way to work and back, most nights after dinner I want to go for a drive, just to get out of the house with my family. Sometimes he will bring Dayen on my photoshoots, and even though I barely talk to them the whole time, it feels like family time.
Blog Post #4: Dayen learns the letter "T"! (also: what I really did today, and most days.) My teacher friends might enjoy this one, but it doesn't make for the most exciting post. Dayen now knows O, T, S, N, D, and others that he can recognize but not pronounce. And yes, THIS IS EXCITING.
Blog Post #5: Sometimes I have friends. No, really! But I will admit that since having Dayen, "girls nights" are kind of tough. But I could pretend that I spend massive amounts of time going to dinner with my friends, but really, most of my "friend time" comes during church, or softball games, or occasionally when I meet someone nice at the park, and our conversations are interspersed with lots of "do NOT climb on that" and "go play!" and "DONT EAT THAT ROCK!" And luckily, once in awhile, I get together with my good friends and we do go to dinner or something. But we spend months planning those before it actually goes anywhere.
Blog Post #6: The clothes I wear! Ok so don't get the wrong idea... I love clothes. It's just that, how are you all affording such cute clothes all the time? When I do buy clothes, it's usually for Dayen, because he's cute and little and everything he wears is cute and little, or for Caleb because his half of the closet is embarrassingly sparse compared to mine, and because for a long time he wore the same shirt he'd had since High School, and he was unfazed by the many holes it had acquired.
The other day, I splurged and bought a cute dress, and after the first wash it shrunk. Karma, for buying something for myself.
So you want to know what I wear on a girls day out? Really old jeans. And the whole time, I wish I was in sweat pants. 
Blog Post #7: A post about all the posts I could have written, but didn't.
You can tell which one I went with.
I'm really not lame. And I do have a social life, and I keep plenty busy. But in the spirit of honesty, I think it's important for everyone to know that my life is not simply staying at home, getting ready to go out. Sometimes the only time I get out all day is on a drive, hoping Dayen will fall asleep because he's insanely crabby. Sometimes I DO get dressed up, and all I do all day is go get groceries.
But my point (I guess? I'm kind of reaching here. Clearly I don't do well when I'm given a topic.) is that it doesn't really matter. The day-to-day can be just as wonderful as the big days. Even if you're not wearing lipstick.

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  1. Ha ha this is great. It's totally ok that you didn't take any fancy pictures, or tell us about a girls' day out! We want you to be yourself on these link-ups. Don't let this one scare you away! Join up next time too! I loved reading this :)

  2. Haha! Being surrounded by testosterone WOULD make this topic a little more difficult, and I TOTALLY can relate with people just wanting to hang out with you for your kid! Especially when you only have one and it's the only baby in the family! But it's okay, because you're totally obsessed with your kid, too!


  3. perfectly said. this could be a variation of my life. i'm the kind of person who has to get out of the house at some point during the day, so often if i haven't left when my husband gets home from work, we will go on drives too! which usually end up in getting some sort of treat :) haha