It's all fun and games until somebody poops on the duvet cover...

Man, I'm bad at this lately.
But since our house is currently 89 degrees (I'm NOT exaggerating...I am literally sitting on an ice pack right now. We also sleep with them.) there is nothing I can do but SIT... which is luckily just perfect for blogging.
Obviously a lot has happened, and although I want to post pictures of our house until the cows come home, I have a little creative surprise coming your way...uh...eventually... so I'll refrain for now. :)
Instead, I'll post my other favorite thing to take pictures of... our new little pride & joy! (I either call him that or butthead, depending on how long it's been since he's pooped on the carpet.)
Bringing this scary monster home the first day!

Caleb has always wanted a husky, but we kept telling ourselves we weren't going to get a dog. But, we kept researching different dogs, just, ya know, for "someday". Then when we found huskies for sale in Logan, we decided to just go look. But the minute we pulled up and all these husky puppies swarmed the car, we knew we were doomed.
I still counted on Caleb to be the voice of reason. So after awhile of watching the puppies, I said, "Well, do you want to go home and think about it?" He looked at me surprised and said, "No, I want that one!"
So, we got that one!
The first night was rough. He kept waking us up, and finally at 2:30 we gave in and put him up on the bed with us, hoping that would help him sleep. Keep in mind, we had JUST taken him outside. He wouldn't calm down, and kept trying to jump off the bed, but was too scared. Here's a helpful hint: if your dog wants desperately to get down, help him. Because the next thing we knew, he was pooping right on the bed.
It's funny now. It was even funny the next morning. But right then it was SO. not. funny.

Since then, he does good, and we just think he's awesome! We're actually afraid we got a dog too much like us... see, we wanted a dog who would just sit by us and watch tv and just be calm.
Well, we got our wish. For a puppy, he can be ridiculously lazy. Case & point...
Taking him on his first walk.
Every thing you read about dog training stresses one main thing: your dog needs lots of exercise. So we decided to take him for a walk. He was NOT having it. This is his, "what on earth did you attach to me??" face.

 And of course, in the end...
He won. 
Side note: he does ok on walks now. But he stills stares back at the house the entire time like, "Can't we just go back there??? I just want to watch TV with you guys!"

And now, back to the 89 degree weather in our house...
we feel really bad, because Caleb & I are miserable, so we can only imagine how Dega feels. So today, we decided it would be fun to take him swimming and see how he did in the water!
This basically sums up what he thought of that.

We forced him in a couple times, and he was a natural swimmer!

But after awhile he got REALLY fed up with that nonsense
Doesn't he look like a hyena? HA!

So instead, he got really adventurous (not to mention dirty) playing in the weeds.
I am happy to say that for the first time, I feel completely content with my life, like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. We've been so blessed and taken care of, and I couldn't be happier!


  1. Your puppy is so cute! I love husky's as well. So how did you come up with the name? Potty training is such a pain, good luck with that. Can't wait to see you "creative" surprise with pics from your new house. :)

  2. You guys are so dang cute. :) I hope the portable cooler is helping to make things more bearable in the house, 89 degrees gets old really fast!
    It is fun to see how much Dega has grown, and he is just like you guys:)).