The Wedding!

I'm only about two months late on this one, but I figured better late than never, right?
Unfortunately, I was not content to just post the pictures on Facebook, so you get them here too. With commentary. Fun, I know! ;)

So, obviously, it was a great day. It was so cool walking out and seeing all those people waiting for us! And look at that grin on Caleb's face...I'd say he's pretty happy too. :)

When we first got outside, everyone was saying how freezing it was, and I kept saying, "I don't feel cold at all! Must be the adrenaline!"

Well right about here, it got COLD. Serves us right for getting married in January. But I still can't feel my toes.

I got way lucky and married into a great family!

If I thought I was cold before, it was about to get ridiculous.
So, yeah, I'm going to post a lot of these very similar pictures because I almost froze to death on the day of my wedding, and I can't let those pictures go to waste.
Deal with it!

Oh, and we kiss a lot.
Deal with that too.

Oh, here's a cute story. Right about the time I lost all sensation in my feet, the photographer asked if I'd be willing to go out onto the grass (which was conveniently covered in at least one foot of snow) in my flats, so we could get some more pictures. I hadn't been able to use any of my bridezilla power at that point, so I said no. Even when Caleb offered to give me a piggy back out there. (Something a person should never try in a wedding dress, I fear.)
So, imagine us in a beautiful snowy field with the temple in the background.

In one of the weddings I did, I caught a really cute picture of them laughing. Kiss laughing. You know? And I wanted one, so I was trying to explain it, but do you know what kiss laughing is unless you've seen it? Luckily, she got it. And now you know, too.

Can we also just take a moment here to admire my hair?

 The name's Fonnesbeck.

And then we ran to the car, seriously discussed stopping for hot chocolate before we realized I was in a white dress, (and I have a nasty habit of spilling on myself at unfortunate times.) then headed to the church for the ring ceremony!

Oh, here's a lesson for you: don't ever think you can set up something like this alone. Caleb and I thought it would be fun to go set up the night before by ourselves...bad idea! We were there until midnight and didn't even finish all that we wanted to do. So accept help, for pete's sake! But I still think it turned out pretty cute. :)

We looked EVERYWHERE for old cameras like this, and they were always so expensive! Then one night we were sitting in my basement, and we looked over and noticed these two just sitting on a shelf! 

These pictures are from before the reception started and, yes, Caleb put that money in there himself. He figured it would make people think other people were doing it, so why not?

 Seriously mom, you could not have done better with the color matching. We can barely see you there!

And then the party began!

 Not gonna lie, it's pretty cool looking over and seeing all these gifts piling up. Opening them was like the ultimate Christmas.

 One of my favorites- we printed up little cards (also designed by Caleb!) for guests to fill out. It was fun a few weeks after the wedding to go through and read them all, and I'm sure they'll always be a great memory to have!

 The photobooth was another hit. I wasn't sure about it, but I'm so glad we got it! Everyone had so much fun, and it was well worth the price! (We got it instead of a cake, and I don't think anyone even noticed we didn't have a cake!)

And, it made for a nice guest book!

 Luckily we had these cute girls from my old Primary class helping us out all night! They were awesome!

Shaking hands & hugs. Our view of the entire night!

I even got a surprise phone call from one of my oldest best friends who is in Oregon & couldn't make it!

My dad was so embarrassed!

And it didn't help that they were really showin us up!
On another side note, I spent forever making this slide show of pictures of me with my dad- you would have all been in tears, but then I never had time to get it onto a disc!

Right when we were planning on doing our first dance, Caleb surprised me (this is my "what are you doing???" face) and he and two of his best friends played & sang me our song. It was awesome!

And then we danced. :)

While his friends and brothers, of course, did this.
 And I finally got some pictures with my Bridesmaids!

 And my family!

Jax, the look on his face, and that tie seem like the perfect ending. :)