We're baaaack....

After nearly 5 long, internet-less months, we are finally back! We literally got internet about thirty minutes ago. And here I am. See how much I missed you?
Obviously a lot has happened! So let's start from where we left off...
After we got married, we moved to the Brigham City Airport, where Caleb's grandpa owned an airplane hangar with a nice little apartment up top. We were still desperately looking for a house, so he told us we could stay there for two months until we found something. (Because, technically, no one is supposed to live there. But what can I say, my middle name is Danger.) It ended up being four and a half months, so boy were we glad when he didn't kick us out!
Our "basement."

The hangar was really nice. We had a jetted tub, a garage (where I got to park under the wing of a plane. How many people can say that?) and even the windowsills had granite in them. It was all brand spankin new and really nice. But I can't even describe how eager we were to finally get into our own house.
We put in our offer on February 27th, and we didn't close until May 9th. That is a LONG TIME. But we're finally here! We were so excited that it took less than 24 hours to be (pretty much) completely unpacked.
Last night, with the help of my drop-everything-to-help-us wonderful in-laws, we planted a vegetable garden! I never thought I cared about gardening, but I'm so excited! The rest of the yard is still, um, under construction, so I'll post pictures later. :)
New roof...whoo!
(And we got rid of those horrible blinds right away. Those were an insult to blinds everywhere.)

One final thing... It's wedding season, so a lot of my good friends are getting married, and everyone keeps asking me for advice, for what I wish I'd known before I got married. We've all heard all the same answers before, so here's my own little two cents, for those of you who were wondering...
#1:  Everyone says the first year is the hardest. We are almost halfway through the first year and.... I don't know that that's true. Maybe we're weird. But we never fight or even argue, and I could spend every minute of every day with him and never get tired of him. But I think the main reason for that is Caleb's personality...he's slow to anger, very patient, and always puts me first. He's taught me a lot. So even if you marry someone who is the opposite of that (which I don't recommend) I guess my advice is to be like Caleb, and your marriage will be a heck of a lot easier!
#2: Do things together. It's been such a bonding experience for us to buy our home. It's a mutual thing that we were both so excited about and love. We did all the unpacking and decorating and organizing together, and at night we just sit here and talk about how great we think our house is. And when it comes to this kind of stuff, do all of it together. I've learned so much about houses that I never knew, and I want to be able to do it all myself too. (But, I'm thinking I'll do a post on that later, so hang in there.)
#3: Ok, this one is a cliche we all hear, but it's serious... don't let the small things bug you. You do things that bug him too, trust me. Ask yourself if it's really something that matters. I'm not very good at this one, but once again, Caleb excels enough for the both of us. Basically, you all should have married Caleb, but it's too late, so neener-neener.

That's all I've got for now! There will definitely be more pictures to come!