Nobody tells you what a train wreck house hunting can be.

We started out so naiive  hopeful, telling ourselves we wanted a "fixer-upper"! I have actually said the words, "I don't want to have a nice place at first, I want us to work together on it."

Cute, Anndee. Until you see some of the houses in our price range.

The first day of house hunting was a rude awakening for us. We had our hearts set on this certain house in Brigham that we'd only seen online, and when we got there we were...let's say...less than happy with what we saw. It wasn't a fixer-upper. In fact, our realtor pointed out, ever so nicely, that we "would probably want to get it checked for meth."

And it gets better. There was the house in Ogden that had something living in the walls. As we were leaving, we heard it clawing from the inside. Our realtor tried to convince us it was just a starling (doesn't that make it sound much more charming?) but that was no bird. There was some sort of werewolf in there.

We did finally find a cute townhouse in Brigham, and on Halloween we put in our first offer. A few days later we found out that even though the property had been listed for over a year with little interest, there had been an offer the same day as ours full price, in cash. So, basically, impossible to compete with.

A few weeks later we found an even cheaper townhouse in Ogden. So again, we put in an offer, this time full price because we weren't taking any chances. But what happened? Someone else offered more. More than full price! We were starting to believe we just had terrible luck.

But weeks ago, Caleb showed me a house he found out in Garland. It didn't look like much, and the picture online with the power plant behind it left much to be desired.

Luckily we decided to go look at it anyway, and boy are we both glad we did! Not only is the house in our price range, but the inside is perfect. New kitchen, new bathrooms, 5 bedrooms! (I know, how can this house possibly fit 5 bedrooms? I'm convinced it's a trick.) We were so excited that we put in an offer as soon as we could, and presumably I'm jumping the gun even writing this because we're still waiting to hear. 

But here's to hoping we're homeowners soon!!

Notice anything weird in this picture? Hint: look in the mirror. 

Yeah...this shower (AND the other shower) has 2 heads! And this is a jetted tub! How lucky can we get?!

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