My cure for boredom

The Rocket Summer said it best when they (he) sang, "This ain't where it's at, my friends will second that." Despite his poor grammar, I think he must have visited Brigham before. I've lived here my whole life, and I can definitely vouch for the fact that indeed not where it's at.
However, that's never stopped us before.
I have to say, nearly 22 years in this town, and I've never been bored for long. I should probably sell this information and make millions (or at the very least write a book) but I think it's best these ideas are out there for others to try. And/ or laugh at. And probably make fun of.
Enjoy... :)

An oldie, but still worth mentioning. Did you know if you call a hotel and ask in your very nicest, most pathetic voice, they'll let you come swim at the pool for free? Goodbye winter boredom!
One day, when we'd reached ultimate boredom, Carrie & I decided it would be fun to pretend we were tourists and go on a tour of the rich historical heritage of Brigham City! Unfortunately, it was getting dark, so we had to choose our destinations wisely. After getting ice cream at the famous Peach City, we of course made our way to the bird refuge!

As you can tell, there was lots to do. We took pictures at the gate...we got ourselves a pamphlet...and we didn't see one dang bird.

But, never fear! We were still able to get some pictures at the place where magic is made... that's right, the Box Elder news journal! Looking for a yard sale this weekend? Look no further!
Cause, why not? Why are these signs always upside down?? Drives the little OCD girl in me completely nuts.
Ah, a classic! This project started out in the hunt for a treat. Carrie pulled out a gigantic bag of M&M's, and we started thinking, hey! We could do some M&M art! That's got to be a thing, right? 
One quick google search later, we found out that it sure was! So we got to sorting, used Carrie's mad art skills, and laughed about how hilarious we were for making Eminem out of M&Ms. Ha, ha, ha.
(Side note: Anthony, I'm still very sorry about the unkind words we spoke to each other whilst making this masterpiece. As you well know, it was very stressful.)
About halfway through we realized we may have taken on a little much. But I mean, you see the resemblance, right?

Yeah, I know. Nailed. It.
(We didn't realize until too late that this was much harder than it seems. Where on earth did these people find WHITE m&ms? We used our resources and soaked some in water until the color came off. And if this project was good for nothing else, at least now Carrie's m&ms are all sorted into colors. Makes the little OCD girl in me very, very happy.)

Oh, boy.
HOURS of entertainment.
Face In Hole. Pretty sure my roommates and I could make these for hours and just laugh like crazy because we are all secretly 5 year olds. 

And when all else fails? Make a fake mustache. Because the possibilities are endless.
I know I'm not the only one who's done this. You're at the store, and you see something and realize you saw this awesome idea on Pinterest using that one, everyday thing? Well, this time I sucked Annie in with this supposedly ah-may-zing face mask recipe.
Does the look on our faces tell you it was amazing?
All I'm going to say is, DO NOT put straight gelatin and water on your face. It will not come off. Ever. Pinterest fail.

Just hang out with these two. Seriously, hours of entertainment. For free! On this particular night, I think they kept this up for over an hour. Luckily, Carrie and I just encourage them.

And finally, my all time favorite...make a video. 
I was sworn to never show this to anyone. But here I am...I'm not scared of you, Alex!!!
(Only a little.)

If you don't know who Hailey Haugen is, go to google and type in: "Hailey Haugen Two Years" and watch the video.
Don't get me wrong, we love her. Maybe a little too much. After quoting the video all year, we decided we just HAD to make our own parody on our last night at our apartment. (Since it was, after all, our "last night together right now.")

And now, I'm sitting at home bored, and the blogging is done...what could tonight's adventure be? :)

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